Amphora - Stringers and Gussets

Mike marking off kerfs.Zachary marking off kerfs.Well, the weather finally broke to something less than 95 degrees outside. We decided to wait until the weather broke before mixing up the glue for the stringers and gussets. Here you see Mike has enlisted the help of his brother Zachary. Here they are marking the stringers for the kerfs to be cut into them. This will help make the stringers easier to bend around the outside edges of the boat without breaking.

Zachary cutting in some kerfs.Mike cutting in the kerfs.Here is Mike and Zachary cutting the kerfs into the stringers. Mike was glad to have Zachary helping out here. He said after about twenty cuts his arm was getting tired of holding the saw and let his brother have a go at it.

Mike with gussets.Here is Mike showing off his handy work. He has both gussets cut out for the stem and keel. These will get glued and screwed to the stem and keel to make it one piece. He was worried about his uneven cuts. I told him not to worry that a little body putty and fairing would make things as neat as can be. I don't know if he believes me. I guess he will just have to wait and see.

Mike attaching gussets to keel and stem.Here is Mike screwing the last of the screws to the second side. He told me that it seemed like a lot of screws and bet it never came apart. ;-)

Mike with all of the parts to his boat made so far.Here is Mike with all the parts done and ready to go together. The only thing he lacks at this point is the two small stringers that attach to the stem for the side pieces to attach to. We will make them when we cut the sides out. It won't take long to make these and we will start putting the pieces together. He is already talking about what color to paint it and who will be brave enough to go with him on his maiden voyage. So far the only one brave enough to try seems to be his sister Elizabeth. I guess time will tell.