Amphora - Making the top Deck

Mike with his materials and ready to build his Amphora.Here's Mike sitting on the plywood imagining he has the boat done. He is already planning exciting adventures in it. The rest of the lumber for his boat is sitting on the side.

Mike Driving in nails to bend the batten around.Here is Mike putting in nails to bend the baton around to draw the sides of the top deck. He has already drawn in his baseline, and stations and marked all the offsets for the side of the deck.

Mike is cutting out his lofted top deck.After lofting all his lines for the outside of the deck and the inside edges, Mike takes the saw and starts cutting her out. (It is a great feeling to see a kid do something other than playing video games and watching TV. I hope some of his brothers catch the bug too!)

Mike getting a little help from dad.After cutting nearly 20 feet of line, Mike decided to take a little break and let me cut the inside out. He kept me straight and made sure I stayed within the marks. Whew, what a driver he is.

Mike showing off the top deck to his Amphora.Here is Mike holding the newly cut top deck of his Stevenson's Amphora. I think he is pretty proud of himself. (I am proud of him too.) We decided to call it a day because we had to get ready for Vacation Bible School. The total time we spent on the top deck was 2 hours and 45 Minutes. (Your mileage may vary.)