Metal Casting Equipment

If you are interested in casting metal, you will need to assemble a certain amount of equipment before you start.  A lot of this equipment can be purchased or made in the home shop.  Now, admittedly, shop made equipment may not be of the same quality as its commercial counterpart, but as a hobby sometimes it is possible to sacrifice some quality to save some money.  Below are some of the shop made equipment that I have made and a handful of commercial products that I have purchased.  You should check this page every once in a while as I will add new items here when i get time to do so.

Casting Flasks

In order to cast metal in sand molds you must have a sturdy flask.  Flasks can be made at home in wood, aluminum and other materials you can work.  Flasks should have some sore of alignment system to ensure a straight separation and realignment when the cope and drag are placed back together.  Since I have a project that requires a flask larger than anything I currently have, I though I would take the time to build a larger one and share the procedure I used to make one.  You can get the details from the side menu or select the Making a casting flask link here.