A Poor Man's Engraver Ball by Gary Overman

Gary is at it again. This time he has presented to the Heap a poor man's engraver ball. This simple project is well worth the meager costs in functionality. And if you are a good scrounger, I can see this project being nearly free. Here is what Gary had to say about it:

This multi-positional work holder allows you to do light work and be able to change angles VERY quickly. Unlike other vises where there's effort to lock and unlock, this "vise" uses its weight and center of gravity to hold it in place.

It's a "poor-man's" version of an engraver's ball which has been in use for about a hundred years. The cheapest commercial unit will run about $300 ( if you buy Chinese).

My version cost me... well, I don't know. I picked the panavise up at a flea market. The bowling ball was given to me this morning. I drilled a 5/8" hole in it with a forstner bit and force screwed the vise into it. The 6" PVC ring was a scrap pipe cutoff and the 12" pine board was from the scrap bin. I shellaced it and attached felt pads. I guess I spent about $10.

Gary O

BaseVice Close UpVertical45 Degree Angle