Variable heat gun by Gary Overman

I got an email from a fellow caster the other day with his plans for a one touch, variable heat controlled hot air gun with permission to put it on the site. When I looked it over, it didn't take a rocket scientist to discover that this was indeed a nice project and one that others would like to make and use. I am posting some of what Gary had to say about the project below.

I sculpt wax miniatures for casting in bronze. Electric wax pens are very limiting in terms of tool tips. Alcohol lamps take the temper right out of tools, are dangerous, and take a delicate touch to heat the tool to just the right temp.

A hot air gun can be controlled very precisely, activated by the touch of a hand ( while holding the tool) and cut off automatically, rather than create heat the whole time you're working ( un-like other heat sources).

Here's the photo-plan to make just such a tool for around $50. One might be able to use a cheaper hair-drier or hot air gun, but I used a very thin embossing gun which kept the overall footprint of the unit down to a very small size.

The plans for the project are shown below. You can click the image below and a larger version of the image will open up in a new window.ยท You can save and print this larger version. Gary has done a great job of illustrating them. If you are in the need of a one touch, variable heat source, then this project may be for you. Thanks Gary! :-)