JGRO CNC Router - Updates, Upgrades, Fixes and other stuff

A lot of time has passed since I built my JGRO Router.· My wife and I were busy remodelling and heavily involved in the Band Booster organization. The Router got stuffed into the basement of my out building and sat there unattended and neglected for a long time. Frown· We developed a leak and water ran on the machine soaking the MDF base.· Even though it was painted it still warped.· Well all I can say is that was a lesson learned.

Our CottonThen September 3rd, something horrible happened.  Cotton, our dog passed away.  She was 15 years old and only about a month from 16.  Well, we buried the old girl in a homemade box under the shade tree in the back yard.  I told my wife we could use the CNC Router to make a plaque for her and cast it in aluminum for a grave marker.  Well, when I retrieved the machine and seen the damage, I knew I would have to rebuild.

Assessing the damage

Most of the machine was intact and in good shape except for the bed and the bottom board of the gantry.  I knew that there were some other modifications I wanted to make to the machine as well.  For example, I never put the electronics to bed in its own enclosure, never got around to making more cast pipe clamps and never made a decent router clamp.  So the pages that are listed below the JGRO Updates menu item are the upgrades and fixes that I have done to the machine.