KRMx01 CNC Projects

Now that the KRMx01 CNC has reached a point of being able to start cutting, I thought I would create some pages showing some of the things I have made with it.  Hopefully the quality of the projects I make with this machine will continue to improve as I get to know the individuality of the machine and as I make upgrades and improvements to it.  I will try to keep a list of links at the bottom of this page, but sometimes I am forgetful so it would be best to check out the menu in case I forget to add on here.

Thanks for following along in our project and hopefully after seeing some of the things that you can do with a machine of this nature it will motivate you to try and make one yourself.  The experience alone of building it and the father - son time I got to spend with one of my son's was enough justification for me to do the project.

Since the building of the KRMx01 CNC was a project within itself, I thought maybe this would be a good place to put a video showing the machine at the point of where we are at this time.  For details of how the machine was built, be sure to visit the build log and upgrade pages.  I hope you get something from it.

KRMx01 CNC Router Walk Through

OKAY, enough babble, on to the projects!  Clicking the image will take you to the project page.

Loftin Farms PlaqueProject 1 - Loftin Farms Plaque

The Loftin Farms Plaque is a 3D contoured sign with raised lettering.  It is made of very clear pine and clear coated.  This was made as a Christmas Gift to the Loftin Family from the employees of the Physical Therapy department of our local hospital.

The Culinary Apothecary. Project 2 - The Culinary Apothecary

My wife has been patient and understanding to a fault.  I figured she was due for a project made from the CNC machine.  For the lady who loves to cook, what would be better than a fancy schmancy spice rack!