KRMx01 Upgrades and Addons

KRMX01 Book 2 - Upgrading and running the KRMx01. In this section of the KRMx01 pages I will show how I done some of the Upgrades and Add-ons to the KRMx01 CNC Router.  The second book in the KRMx01 CNC Router is titled Upgrading and Operating the KRMx01 CNC.  I will do these upgrades plus some others that are not in the book.  If you do not own this book, I would suggest buying it.  It contains some great information.  I asked Mr. Simpson if he was going to release the planned 3rd book of the series on the forums, ( Kronos Robotics Support Forum located at ) and here is his reply.

At some point I do have plans on writing a third book for the KRMx01. There are other books in the works so its further down the list.

So it looks like it may be a while before we see it.  I have other upgrades I want to perform to the machine that may or may not be included in this third book.  I have no clue what Mr. Simpson plans on doing in the third book when he decides to write and release it.  I will give as much detail as I can with upgrades or add-ons not discussed in this second book.  Upgrades and add-ons discussed in the second book will be documented but not to the same extent.  I do not wish to step on Mr. Simpson's intellectual property.

If you have an idea or suggestion that you think would make my machine better, please feel free to email me with it.  If it makes sense for me to do it, I certainly will.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the continued exploration of the KRMx01 CNC Router project I am taking!

Happy CNCing!