Atlas Gear Cutting Attachment

Riveting HammerIn this 6 part video series, Mr. Pete will go through the processes and steps of building the Atlas Gear Cutting Attachment.  The Gear Cutting Attachment will allow the lathe operator to cut gears on the lathe with the addition of the milling attachment.  There are a few differnet sets of drawings available and can be downloaded below.  The First set of drawing are by Joe Hildreth and are available as zip files containing PDF, PNG and the actual FreeCAD drawings.  The Next set are the ones available from the internet and are from Atlas Press Company.  The third set of drawings are from Casting Specialties Corp., a company that supplied castings and materials for school machine shops.  (Note, I will add the missing plans I mentioned as soon as I can find them in my files.)

Pictures iconfolder my pictures iconFreeCAD IconThe following files are available from Joe Hildreth.  They are zip files containing PDFs, PNG Images and FreeCAD files.  Clicking on the images will allow you to download which ever you prefer.  For those of you downloading the FreeCAD files, you will need to install additional workbenches.  For example, A2 Assembly and Tech Draw.

pdf icon 64x64Click the Icon to the left to download the Atlas Press Company drawing BP-102 of the Gear Cutting Attachment.


Atlas Gear Cutting Attachment - Part 1 of 6 Atlas Gear Cutting Attachment - Part 2 of 6
Atlas Gear Cutting Attachment - Part 3 of 6 Atlas Gear Cutting Attachment - Part 4 of 6
Atlas Gear Cutting Attachment - Part 5 of 6  Atlas Gear Cutting Attachment - Part 6 of 6