The YouTube Shop Student

I have a desire to learn to use metal working machinery such as Lathes, Mills, Grinders, Shapers and any other related activity that belongs to the Metal Shop environment.  I discovered that YouTube is an excellent resource to learn these things and there are a GREAT number of content creators out there that are willing to provide video instruction.  Armed with videos from People Like, Lyle Peterson, Keith Fenner, That Lazy Machinist, MakinSumthinFromNuthin, and many, many more people and help from my own subscribers I am actually learning to use this sort of equipment.  To my surprise, metal work is relaxing, fun and rewarding.

The YouTube Shop Student series is about my adventures in learning to do metal shop oriented things.  It is targeted at other beginners and I hope some find it useful.

As I release a new episode, I will add the title and information about it below.  If there are related files to go along with the episode you will be able to download them by clicking the icon next to the description.  Additionally, if you have questions you may ask them here by clicking the contact menu item above and emailing me, or alternatively you may wish to post in the video feed on my YouTube Channel.  Thank you for your support and patience with me.  As always, constructive criticism is always welcome.

Episode 1: Introductions and some books.

This video introduces the YouTube Shop Student series and I discuss some of the books that I have bought over the years dealing with various aspects of shop work. This series is dedicated to all those folks out there that have taken the time to video the talents and skills. Thank you all for sharing.

Episode 2: Aligning Lathe Centers

In this video i demonstrate the skills I learned from Halligan142 on aligning the Lathe Centers. Rough centering with a box cutter blade, creating a test bar and measuring with the indicator

Episode 3: Aligning Lathe Centers ... Lessons Learned

In this episode I discuss some of the problems I encountered while doing the lathe centering and cover some possible reasons I had issues. I also discuss topics like vibration, rigidity and other related topics.

Episode 4: Machining the 4 Jaw Backplate

In this episode I machine the backplate to my 4 Jaw chuck. Special thanks goes to Mr Pete and other YouTube creators for demonstrating this process.

Episode 5: Machining a Spacer for the Chuck Backplate

In preparation of turning the backplate for a 3 jaw chuck, I need a spacer to allow me to turn the back of the chuck plate down in order to reduce the amount of counter bore on the plate. Join me as I make this part.

Episode 6: More Backplate Antics

I carry on cutting down the back hub of the backplate for the 3 Jaw chuck. I also cover some lessons learned from the last episode and discuss a couple tips I received from my subscribers. Thanks Folks!

Episode 7: Finishing the 3 Jaw Backplate ... Finally

In this episode of the YouTube Shop Student I finish machining the boss on the backplate for the 3 Jaw Chuck and fit the chuck to the plate. In addition I take some run out measurements of the finished chuck body and of some drill rod. Finally I make an unexpected discovery and injure myself to boot.