Amphora - Keel, Stem, Bulkheads and Transom

Mike cutting out the transomMike is back at it. Here you see him cutting out the transom. He also marked and cut out both bulkheads, the transom top, the stem and the keel.

Mike with Bulkheads and TransomHere is mike showing off his hard work. The transom, both bulkhead and the transom top.

Mike with Keel and StemHe is holding the stem in place where it will go on the keel. Now Mike is talking about what color to paint it, and where to try the boat out. I think he is excited. He is starting to babble about another boat after this. I told him, sounds great to me, but we need to finish this one first. He reluctantly agreed. :-) We spent about four hours at it today for a total of 7 Hours and 45 Minutes. Pretty good progress I think!