Amphora - Priming the bottom and sides

Frist coat of primer is on.With the fairing finished on the bottom and sides, Mike is ready to primer them up before flipping the boat over.  The plan is for three coats of primer making sure we have a good sandable base in which to lay the top paint. Mike finished with the first coat of primer.  I see he was artistic with his tipping brush.  What he didn't think of at the time was that he would have to sand them out because they would show through.  Oh well, live and learn.

Mike laying the second coat of primer down.Mike is rolling the primer on the sides.

Mike working on the third coat of primer.Mike is finishing up the third coat.  I think he is looking forward to flipping it over and starting the other side.  Well this was the end of a long hot day.  I am proud of what Mike was able to finish today.  It seems like he is motivated to get it finished and to get it in the water.