Amphora - Priming The Top Deck and Inside

Priming the inside of the boat.Here you see Mike priming in the forepeak.· This is the third coat on the inside of the boat.

Painting in the forepeak.More painting in the forepeak.

Painting on the inside bottom.Painting the cockpit sole.· This is the third and final primer coat for the inside of the boat.

Painting the taft rail.Here Mike is painting the hole for a sculling oar on the taft rail.

Painting the side deck.Mike is painting the side deck.· This is the second coat of primer for the topsides.

Painting the forward deck.Mike is painting the forward deck.

Nearly done priming.You know, I never could really get Michael to smile for a camera.  Here he is with the second coat of primer finished on the topsides.  All the priming left is one last coat of primer on the topsides, then comes the color.  He still has not decided what color he plans to paint it.