Appendix C - Credits

This work could not be completed with help from a large number of people.  Below lists in alphabetical order those who have helped with the project.  If I have overlooked placing your name and project(s) here, please forgive me it  was purely accidental.  If I overlooked you, please send me an email to xavier at gtec dot com and I will promptly fix the mistake.

  • Graham Baker - Plaster Fish Mold
  • Gary Boyd - Curing of silicone caulk
  • Ray Brandes - RTV Split Mold
  • Mike Henson
  • Joe Hildreth - Latex Glove Mold - Silicone Caulk Glove Mold
  • Alan Lewis - Wax Injector
  • Bo Mathews - Casting & Mold making FAQ
  • Melissa McIllwain - Clasping Hands Alginate Mold
  • Don Norris - Steam Casting Lessons
  • Gary Overman - One touch, variable heat gun - Vacuum assisted centrifuge - Reil Type Propane Burner - Tumble Mixer
  • Alan Shinn - Steam Casting Method
  • John Wasser - IRC from common materials
  • George Vontorne - Sand Muller