Chapter 2 - Tools

As with any type of profession or hobby there are a number of tools involved that will make your job easier. This chapter is dedicated to those tools that will make your job of creating masters, molds and casting easier. It will be by no means all inclusive but it is intended to get you a feeling of what is needed and what you may have at your disposal.

Rather than listing tools you can buy or need, the primary goal of this chapter will be to deliver to you plans or examples of how to make tools. You may either navigate by the menu on the left or click any of the links below.

Wax Injector - By Alan Lewis
Vacuum Caster and De-Bubbler - By
Variable output, one touch Heat Gun - By Gary Overman
A Spin Casting Centrifuge - By Gary Overman
A Ron Reil Type Burner - By Gary Overman
A Tumble Mixer for Dry Components - By Gary Overman
A Poor Man's Engraver Ball - By Gary Overman
A Wax Warmer - By Gary Overman
A Homemade Sand Muller - By George Vontorn