A Homemade Wax Warmer by Gary Overman

Please Note: I built this for my own use. If you choose to copy it, you are free to do so, BUT.................... No warranty is either implied or expressed. This project involves the basic wiring of electricity and therefore does pose the or worse, If your are unsure of your wiring skills, seek professional help. Also Also since this unit is designed to produce enough heat to soften wax, it could produce enough heat to melt some. Never leave it on unattended. All home build projects are done at your own risk and I assume no liabilities. (C)2006 Gary Overman - Free for distribution if unmodified.

A PDF version of this file may be downloaded by clicking HERE.

DiffuserAluminum diffuser spreads heat from100 watt light bulb to evenly heat space.

Light dimmer and adjustable platform. Light dimmer and adjustable height of interior platform provide adjustment of heat.

Popcorn Tin cut. Popcorn tin was cut with tin shears to make exterior shell.

Corners cut off ceramic tile. Corners were cut off 8 inch ceramic tile so that it fit in lid of tin.

As an assembly. As an assembly.

Porcelain light fixture. A porcelain (no plastic) light fixture is wired to light dimmer.

Diffuser. 100 watt bulb used. 3/4” plywood is lid. Aluminumflashing forms diffuser.

Top view. Top view.

Diffuser. Diffuser keeps a hot spot fromforming directly under bulb. Don’t build without it!

Completed. Completed

Warmer in operation. I get readings of 110f on mid power and 150f on full power. Your results may vary.