Chapter 8 - Z-Carriage

Gathering the parts for the KRMx01 Z-Carriage

Materials for the KRMx01 Z-Carriage. The hardware required for the KRMx01 Z-Carriage assembly. Here are the parts and hardware required to build the KRMx01 Z-Carriage assembly.

Marking and drilling the Z-Carriage parts

KRMx01 Z-Carriage parts are marked and punched. KRMx01 Z-Carriage parts drilled, tapped and slotted. Here are a couple of images of the Z-Carriage parts.  The first showing them marked and punched and the other after all the parts have been drilled.  Note the spacers.  The Z-Carriage sides require attention to detail.  If you look close you will see that I had miss marked one.  Luckily I caught my mistake and corrected it.

Download the Z-Carriage support spacer drawing. For your convenience, I have included a DXF drawing of the spacer for the Z-Carriage.  Click the ICON to the left to download it.

Painting the Z-Carriage parts

KRMx01 Z-Carriage parts all painted up. Here are the steel parts painted for the Z-Carriage.  These will need to dry a while to harden up then I can start the assembly.  I am leaving the router mounting plate bare aluminum like the other aluminum parts of the machine.  I just think it looks better.  Besides, I have always had problems with aluminum taking paint and holding it.  Has anyone tried baking Krylon 2 in 1 paint in the oven?  If you have send me a message through the contact link from the main menu at the top please and let me know how it worked.

I just realized that I did not drill the holes in the supports for the anti-backlash nuts to 3/8".  I plan on using the 5/16" socket head screws that came with them.  I will have to take these back to the drill press and correct that error.  Suppose it will need a bit of touch up on the paint too.  :-(

Assembling the Z-Carriage

Assembled Z-Carriage. Assembled Z-Carriage. The Z-Carriage is assembled as outlined in the book, except for the spacers that are placed under the Z-Carriage support pieces.  The images show the completed Z-Carriage assembly.  Note the arrows for the location of the spacers.

I feel there are a couple of things to point out.  The 1-1/2" bolts that attach the router plate to the carriage sides seem just a a little long.  Bolts 1-1/4" long may have been a better selection.  The longer bolts will work, but I had to loosen a couple and make sure they were pushed as far to the outside edges they would go to prevent them from interfering with the Z-Rails.

Adjusting the Z-Carriage

KRMx01 Z-Carriage installed and adjusted. KRMx01 Z-Carriage installed and adjusted. This wasn't too bad of a job.  Rest the carriage on the bolt you place on the bottom of the Z-Beam and manipulate the bearing adjusters until it is square.  I was fortunate that I had only a minuscule adjustment to make.  The images to the left are the Z-Carriage installed and adjusted.

The machine at this point

KRMx01 after installing Z-Carriage assembly. KRMx01 after installing Z-Carriage assembly. Well the machine is really starting to take shape!  Next comes the bearing blocks and motor mounts.  These items will have to be altered to accommodate the changes in the carriages for the new anti-backlash nuts.  I will make updated drawings available.  See you in the next chapter!  :-)