Adding X-Axis Braces

This is another add-on from Mr. Simpson's "Upgrading and Operating the KRMx01 CNC" book.  My intention was to do the dragon cable next, but when I was cutting out wooden clamps for the cutting / clamping table, I noticed that there seemed to be some vibration at the router when cutting in the Y+ direction with a climb cut.  I am hoping that the braces will help alleviate this problem.  If not I have another idea but I will cross that road when I get there.

Materials Needed

X-Axis Support brackets for KRMx01. Hardware needed to attach the braces. The materials needed for this upgrade are the angle brackets, and hardware.  The first image is of the brackets and the second of the related hardware to fasten them.  Nothing major but thought I would post them.

Attaching the Braces

Attaching the brace to the right Y-Carriage angle. Brace attached to the left Y-Carriage angle. Attaching the braces to the Y-Carriages is a pretty simple task.  The big thing is make sure that the brace is flush against the carriage angle.  Notice in the first image I have a cloth between the carriage angle and the leadscrew.  I done this to keep the metal chips from the drilling operation out of the works.  The second image shows the left brace bolted in place.

The Finished Braces

The finished X-Beam brace upgrade. Here is a picture of the X-Beam braces attached.  Thanks for reading about this upgrade.  Hopefully this will help in making the machine a bit more rigid.