Welcome to the Technology Section of My Heap!

Technology drives everything around us.  Just take a look, Cell Phones, Computers, Smart Devices and Appliances.  The list goes on and on.  This website is dedicated to some sort of technology or another, but this section will focus on Computer and Electronics.  These two subjects can cause a lot of frustration to a person that new to it.  Now I will not pretend that there will be tons of information on these two subjects here, but I would like to cover a couple specifically.


Focus on electronics here will be for the sake of creating a computer from scratch using a 65xx processor.  The main goal is just to get it up and running.  What it will be used for is completely open for thought and discussion.


Computer technology covers a huge spectrum.  It isn't possible to cover all these different applications on any web site.  However, I do feel like I can contribute to the community by sharing some things I do know or have recently learned.  I will be focussing mostly on a CMS (Content Management System) called Joomla!  This is the CMS that I use to run this site.  Specifically, I want to discuss how to extend Joomla with things like Templates, Layout Overrides, Plugins, Modules and Components.  I hope this effort will help someone trying to learn how to write software for Joomla and in general give them information that will make their experience with Joomla! a better one.