Micrometer Carriage Stop (Atlas Lathe)

MicrometerCarriageStopIn the following video, Mr. Pete shows how to make a Micrometer Carriage Stop for the Atlas Lathe.  This will fit either the 12 or 10 inch lathe.  Please Note:  there are two separate files that can be downloaded for this project.  The PDF file contains the drawings for the Micrometer Carriage Stop and the ZIP file contains the 3D printable STL files for a dial to be used with the Micrmeter Carriage Stop rather than making the dial from scratch.

pdf icon 64x64zip icon 64x64To download the drawings click the PDF icon to the left.  To download the 3D printable STL Files Click the ZIP icon to the left.


Viewer Builds (Click Image for a larger view.)

Michael E.
 TMcNutt 01 ScaledTMcNutt 02 Scaled


Micrometer Carriage Stop - Part 1 of 2 Micrometer Carriage Stop - Part 2 of 2