Peterson Products, Projects

Mr Pete and his brother had an enterprising side business of selling plaster patterns that could be cast for projects and the blueprints to go with them.  Some of the blueprints and casting instructions have survived and are being made available to anyone who wants them.  These are listed below.  To download the PDF document click the image to the left of the description.  I would like to extend a HUGE thank you to Mr. Lyle Peterson for sharing these with the rest of us.


Arbor PressArbor Press

Text about arbor press


Band SanderBand Sander

Text about Band Sander


Bench ViceBench Vice (3 1/2" Jaw)

Text about Bench Vice


C ClampC-Clamp

Text about C-Clamp


Disc SanderDisc Sander

Text about Disc Sander



Text about Hacksaw


Large Drill Press ViceLarge Drill Press Vice

Text about Large Drill Press Vice


Oscillating Steam EngineOscillating Steam Engine

Text about the Oscillating Steam Engine


Small Drill Press ViceSmall Drill Press Vice

Text about Small Drill Press Vice


Universal Motor BaseUniversal Motor Base

Text about Universal Motor Base