Welcome to the Projects Page

As I learn to use the equipment I have at my disposal, I will be coming up with projects to make along the way.  I thought I would add them here along with any relevant drawings or information in the event someone else would like to do the same or similar project.  I hope over time the list of projects will grow.

Project 1: The Captive Nut Puzzle

Captive Nut PuzzleThe captive nut puzzle was a suggestion by one of my YouTube subscribers by the name of Jeremy Gagnon.  When I thought about it a little I realized that there were a lot of operations that are done that would be great practice for a newbie like myself, including facing, turning to diameter, grooving, single point threading and more.  So I designed my version of this puzzle, complete with drawings, 3D assembly and a sequence of operations.  To check out this project, click the icon to the left or select it from the project menu on the right of your screen, or select this link to go directly to the Captive Nut Puzzle page.