Amphora - Finishing the bottom and sides

Sanding the bottom.I had to give Mike an ultimatum, either finish his boat or it was going to the dump.  Seems that he would rather finish it than see it go to an earthly grave.  Most of the boat is together and all that needs to happen now is lots of screw hole filling and sanding.  We decided to start with the bottom and work down the sides.  Here Mike is making quick progress with the sander.  He seems to be excited about working on the boat again.

Sanding the chine.With the bottom section done we move to the sides.  Again, here is mike sanding away at the body filler.

Sanding between the rub rails.Mike tells me that hand sanding Bondo is no fun.  The section between the rub rails is too small for the power sander to fit in comfortably so there had to be a certain amount of hand sanding.

Still sanding between the rub rails.Poor Mike, he is still at it.  I have to give him credit, he has been a trooper.  The temps have been in the mid 90's and he just keeps going.

Shaping bondo at the chine.Here is Mike knocking down the high spots before the bondo sets up too hard.  Mike has learned to appreciate this tool.  The more he can shape now means less that has to be sanded later.