Amphora - The other side and rub rail

The other side and rub rails attached.Mike and I had the same problem with the other side as we did the first. The angle cut into the side was off and didn't lay well. We had to piece a small section in the aft section of the side. A couple of small butt blocks and some 3M 5200 should ensure us that it will not leak and some filler on the outside to fair it all in and the final result should be fairly good looking hull. The rub rails were not too bad of a job, except for the lower rails in the space in the fore peak of the boat. This is a small space to get into to drill.

A view from the bow.Here is a shot from another angle. Oh, I thought I would share a little something with you. I put the top rail on and held it in position with 1 inch binder clips from the office supply. This allowed us to glue and position the rail, then come back at a slightly slower pace to put the screws in. You have to be careful drilling the pilots for the rails as there isn't a lot of room for error. Anyway, I have lost track of the total amount of time we have spent on the project, but it has been fun nonetheless. Next, we will attach the top part of the transom after making a modification to it and start fairing and filling screw holes to prepare it for paint. Stay tuned, we are getting closer to launching it!!! :-D