Project 1 - Loftin Farms Registered Angus Bull Sales

When my co-workers found out that the KRMx01 CNC was to a point that it could start cutting projects out, they ask me to produce a sign for their department manager.  The Loftin's are good folks and I thought this would be a great way to break in the machine.  After spending a little time with them on a design I started the project.  This is the first 3D sign that I have made.  I done it in my unheated shop in December and had to run the machine a bit slower than I could when the shop was warm.  At any rate, I have posted a few pictures of the plaque below for you to look at.  I had about four or five hours in cutting time to produce this plaque.  If you are interested I purchased the Angus Bull graphic from Vector Art 3D.  They have loads of artwork to choose from, although for a poor guy like me, some of it is a bit pricey.

Loftin Farms Plaque. Loftin Farms Plaque. Loftin Farms Plaque.