Parallel Port Cards and LinuxCNC

After creating Episode 10 in the video series of LinuxCNC for the Home Hobbyist, I learned that not all parallel port cards are equal.  In fact, some are really only parallel ports in name only.  These ports were actually serial ports that shift data, the best I can tell anyway, to an onboard parallel port.  These functions being handled by the driver.  LinuxCNC on the other hand requires a bona fide parallel port to work.  Here I hope to create a list of cards that both work and do not work with LinuxCNC.  I am hoping to do this with the help of the LinuxCNC community.  It is my desire that this list eventually help someone from inadvertently buying a card that will not work for their purposes.

Looking for participants

If you would like to participate in adding hardware to this list please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the card information you have, including the Vendor ID, Device ID (Both found using lspsi -nn from the command line.  The chipset, Manufacturer and Model of the card.  The chipset can be found by reading the numbers silk screened on the chip on the card.  And finally, if the card works with LinuxCNC.


Parallel Port Card List

The following table list parallel port cards that are known to work with and not to work with LinuxCNC.  Lines with green fields work, while lines in the table with red fields do not.  If you card is not listed, please consider emailing me with the pertinent information and I will add it.


Vendor ID Device ID CHIPSET Manufacturer Model Notes
131F 2021   Siig Inc CyberParallel (2-port) PCI, (2 Parallel Ports)
1409 7268 SUN1888 Timedia Technology Co Ltd SUN1888 (Dual IEEE1284 parallel port) PCI, (1 Parallel Port)
1415 8403 OX9162 Oxford Semiconductor Ltd OX9162 Mode 0 (parallel port) PCI, Works well in EPP mode with Mesa 7i43
1415 9523 OX16PCI952-TQAG Oxford Semiconductor Ltd OX16PCI952 Integrated Parallel Port PCI, (1 Parallel Port, 2 Serial)
1C00 3250 WCH CH382L (UNKNOWN) (UNKNOWN) PCIe, This device shows as a Serial controller with lspci and does not load a kernel module.  It should also be noted that the Vendor ID of 1C00 does not exist in any of the hardware lookup databases I have used.
1FD4 1999 SUN1989 SUNIX Co., Ltd. Multiport serial controller PCIe
4651 5073 PCI 60806A (UNKNOWN) (UNKNOWN) Does not work. May be a serial card as it declares as-such.  It should be noted that the Vendor ID of 4651 does not exist in any of the hardware lookup databases I have used
9710 9835 MCS9835CV MosChip Semiconductor Technology Ltd. PCI 9835 Multi I/O Controller PCI, (1 Parallel Port, 2 Serial)
9710 9865 MCS9865IV MosChip Semiconductor Technology Ltd. PCI 9865 Multi-I/O Controller PCI, (2 Parallel Ports) Potentially useful dual-port card. Works with hal_parport, but does not appear to work in EPP mode with a 7i43.