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Project Costs

Some of the stuff for my machine I had on hand and other stuff, I done little dumpster diving. But I thought I would try to keep track of my costs as I purchased things so that I would have some clue as to what I had in the project. Maybe this will be a help to someone trying to figure out how much this would cost them. I suppose your milage may vary.


3/4" MDF $21.00 Most of the machine is made from this with the exception of the base and bed supports. I bought this at Lowes.
Misc. Hardware $18.00 I decided that I would but hardware as I needed it. This was the hardware for the Z and X Axis. (Bolts, Nuts and that sort of stuff)
HobbyCNC Controller $106.00 This is a 4 Axis chopper circuit controller. I ordered it from HobbyCNC.
1/2" MDF $23.00 I had to order this. No company that I called carried this stuff on the shelf. I got this from Lowes.
Misc. Hardware $23.00 Again, I have been buying hardware as I need it. This was for the Gantry and the rest of the X Axis.
Gas Pipe $24.00 I had a small piece of 1/2" gas pipe layng around that would work for the Z Axis. I bought enough 1/2" and 1" pipe to do the X Axis and Y Axis.