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Doing the outside of the house.

Now that the pad was gone work to the outside of the house could begin. This included, removing and framing in both garage doors and the single entry door as well as cutting the exterior wall to put in some new double entry French doors. A close look at the framed in garage door openings will reveal that they were done twice. The first time was in hopes to get matching brick and brick the holes in. Well, we discovered that the company that made our brick has been out of business for quite some time, and matching was impossible. So my wife and I took another approach, we decided if we could not make it match we would make it look completely different. My wife picked this stone out and I think it looks pretty good. The drawback was that the openings had to be re-framed to within a quarter inch of the brick. But anyway, what follows are some pictures of all that. Remember you can click on an image to get a slightly larger one to look at if you want.

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